Welcome To Stone Pit Farm

Welcome to Stone Pit Farm, specialists in a variety of equine focused services including horse box conversions and repairs, the sale of horses, re-schooling and livery services amongst many others.


With over 30 years of experience, we are passionate about horses and all things related, striving to provide a complete and comprehensive service to horse owners and horse enthusiasts across the East Midlands and the surrounding local areas. From horsebox conversions and repairs to individual rider training, we pride ourselves on our reputation for which we have worked so hard.


Our services include:


  • Horsebox Plating & Preparation
  • Horsebox Conversions
  • Individual Training
  • Horsebox Services
  • Horsebox Sales
  • Paddock Parties
  • Show Jumpers
  • Trailer Repairs
  • Re Schooling
  • Horse Sales
  • Livery

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Horse Breaking


Horse Breaking (otherwise known as Starting or Gentling) is a method used to allow horses to let themselves be ridden or harnessed.


Before such a learning process is accomplished a horse will normally reject any attempts to ride it.


Once the horse has accepted basic handling additional forms of horse training can be used.



This service will suit the busy weekend rider. We offer a unique, secure and professional service to the busy horse owner. All stables are light and airy to provide a calm and relaxed environment for your horse, each stable being bedded down on bedding of your choice to provide a thick and clean bed.


This service includes mucking out, exercising, grooming, cleaning and feeding except on those days when you wish to ride yourself.

Copyright Stone Pit Farm

Copyright Stone Pit Farm

Horsebox Sales

We also have horseboxes for sale. We can supply our customers with all their horsebox needs. Each horsebox is finished to the customer’s specification.

Horsebox Conversions & Repairs

Upon orders being placed we will design a vehicle to a quality specification which meets individual requirements, whether it is for a small pony box or HGV with rear or side ramp.

Re Schooling


It should be noted that often not only does the horse need re-educating but the owner too.


This is why the re-schooling process will always include the owner so that continuity can be maintained - if necessary this can be followed up with yard visits.


We also offer a horsebox and trailer repair service, please contact us by telephone or email, for more information.

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Individual Training

Learn how to pace with each individual horse. Training is something that should be done slowly and surely. We offer specialised programs tailored to fit the individual horse and rider's needs, all at affordable rates.


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